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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kansas City Scout’s Incident Management Program is On One Accord

The Kansas and Missouri Departments of Transportation have been working with first responders for more than two years now as a part of Kansas City Scout’s Incident Management Program, however on Thursday July 23, 2009 these partnerships became further solidified when more than 50 metro area fire, law enforcement, towing and recovery, media, motorist assist and others signed an updated One Accord Agreement. The agreement is a resolution unifying these agencies with Scout in Traffic Incident Management for the metropolitan Kansas City area. By working together utilizing the Scout system’s network of cameras, message boards along with communication and cooperation the Incident Management Program has been able to cut two hours off the amount of time vehicles involved in accidents sit on area freeways which means you spend less time stuck in traffic.

The Incident Management Program is working so well that Chief Corwin of the Kansas City Police Department honored Kansas City Scout’s Motorist Assist and Emergency Response programs on Friday July 24, 2009. Chief Corwin presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Motorist Assist and Emergency Response crews for saving KCPD thousands of man hours and keeping area motorists safe. In 2008 the Motorist Assist program responded to 12,141 calls for service, handling calls for stranded motorists and road obstructions which would normally necessitate a police response. KCPD also relies on Motorist Assist to assist them with traffic control at crash scenes.

Leading these efforts is Kansas City Region Incident Coordinator William "Rusty" James. Sergeant Mahoney of KCPD said, “Rusty James has set the current tone of cooperation and helpfulness for which these MODOT crews have become known.” You’ve probably seen Motorist Assist patrolling Kansas City interstates and freeways assisting stranded motorists or perhaps they aided you in your time of need. This program provides an invaluable service to KCPD and to motorists travelling on KC area freeways.

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  1. Your Motorist Assist Program is definately awesome.


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