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Monday, October 15, 2012


Posted by Nancy Powell, KC Scout Traffic Management Center Supervisor

KC Scout Supports Belton Masonic Lodge #450 Child Identification Program

Event held at the High Blue Wellness Center, Belton, MO

This most worthy FREE annual community event was held on Saturday, October 6th in Belton, MO.  Sponsored jointly by the Missouri Masonic Children’s Foundation and Belton Masonic Lodge #450, MOCHIP is a comprehensive child identification and protection program designed to provide Missouri families with a proactive means of being prepared if a child or teenager goes missing.  Volunteers from Belton Masonic Lodge #450 coordinated and promoted the event while a team of St. Joseph area Lodge and Auxiliary members provided the technology used to capture a child’s digital photograph, fingerprints and vital AMBER Alert compatible information which is then provided to parents on a mini-CD disc.  A+ students from Belton High School assisted with the data capture and collection. No information was retained by the organization and all computers were fully scrubbed of any information at the conclusion of the event.  The only record that is kept by the Foundation is the signed parental consent form.
Scout backpacks, coloring books & crayons were handed out
to more than 175 children at the event. 

In addition to height and weight information, digital facial photos and fingerprints, a dental bite impression was captured, which like fingerprints, is unique to each individual.  The wafer also collects enough saliva to provide a DNA sample and a source scent for trained canine search and recovery teams.  Combined, this information is a valuable resource for law enforcement in the critical minutes following the discovery that a child is missing.
KC Scout staff along with MoDOT Motorist Assist Operator Craig Burgett were on hand to answer questions about AMBER Alert activations and the role KC Scout plays in assisting local law enforcement.  During the five hour event, over 170 children from toddlers to teens were safeguarded by having their personal identity profile captured to CD for easy retrieval and sharing by parents if the unthinkable should happen.  And as we know from all too recent experience, it does happen.  Best to be prepared!
KC Scout Motorist Assist Operator Craig Burgett

Belton PD School Resource Officer Tom Phillips and Cathy Jones, KC Scout


St. Joseph Lodge Technical Support/Registration Volunteer

Masonic Lodge #450 Volunteers

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