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Monday, November 5, 2012

On a less serious topic... KC Scout Wins 1st Place!


… For “Best Dressed Department” in MoDOT’s KC District Annual Halloween Costume Contest with Cathy Jones, KDOT’s Liaison to KC Scout earning 1st Place honors for “Best Individual Costume.” 
Posted by Nancy Powell, KC Scout Traffic Management Center Supervisor
L-R, Nancy Powell, Howard Anderson, Cathy Jones,
Amy Stevinson and Don Spencer at the USO!
Mr. Miller's appearance
courtesy of Jason Sims
Throughout the year, MoDOT and Scout focus on getting the job done safely and keeping costs under control.  But periodically, as an organization, MoDOT promotes departmental team spirit with District Management’s support of fun events for its hardworking state employees.  Halloween is one of those unique occasions.  This year’s event was sponsored by the Employee Advisory Extension Council.

Cathy Jones as "Rosie The Riveter"  1st Place Individual Winner!
Scout takes this annual challenge very seriously and has built a reputation of “staging” elaborate theme-oriented  entries.  This year we presented “USO Tour ‘43” complete with homemade goodies, patriotic decorations and Big Band music.  During the costume judging, Bob Hope (Don Spencer) welcomed everyone, assisted by Glenn Miller (Jason Sims) on his saxophone belting out a bluesy “In The Mood.”  Army grunt (Howard Anderson) got the crowd on its feet when he dropped to the floor after launching a grenade at the judge’s table, barely missing Judge Brian Kidwell but launching a round of laughter among the troops!  But the heroine of the day was Scout’s own “Rosie The Riveter” (Cathy Jones) who also coordinated this year’s collaborative theme.

Henry Uti Salutes The Troops!
Three years ago, Scout’s glass-walled TMC went under the sea to become an AES (Aquarium of Exotic Species).  The next year, we promoted our favorite musical heroes at “Rock Fest 2010” and last year’s theme “Crypt Of The Living Dead” was ghoulishly fun!  No one can say the hard-working folks at Scout don’t know how to play well together!
2009 "Under The Sea" with Scout!

Rock Fest 2010
2011 Crypt Inhabitants


Even Scout's Mascot gets into the act

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